Smiling through it all. Learning to not have any expectations. This Free People mermaid dress was beyond fabulous. It made me feel like a little girl again playing dress up again. My dream job. @alexmckissackphotography MUAH @kellithomsen styled by @moxasaurusrex

Another peek at our SUP shoot @petespringer @treehousechocolate @sluagency

Updating the website. Adding some photos from this shoot. @alexmckissackphotography MUAH @kellithomsen styled by @moxasaurusrex see more at:

Last week on set with little Atlas. Quite mischievous.

That game was pretty lame, but my team still won! I kept trying to get Opei into it. He knew better.

Played around on the river with @treehousechocolate and @petespringer @sluagency

Worked with 3 month old Oliver today. He’s my favorite model I’ve worked with thus far. Just snuggles. No nonsense.

Good morning! It’s going to be a beautiful day! Photo by @alexmckissackphotography MUAH by @kellithomsen styled by @moxasaurusrex wardrobe:free peopel @sluagency

Happy Independence Day y’all. Photo by @alexmckissackphotography MUAH by @kellithomsen styled by @moxasaurusrex wardrobe: Free People @sluagency

It can be quite stressful being an independent contractor. It’s easy to doubt yourself if you haven’t gotten booked in a while or you don’t get a casting. It’s such a great feeling when all your hard work pays off and you book something you’ve put a lot of effort into. I had been going through some of these feelings lately so I was pleasantly surprised to get double booked next week and have a meeting about a shoot on Whidbey Island.